Monday, March 7, 2011

Mommy, Monet and Me! Letter S

St. Patrick's Day Art!

At Hobble Creek Learning Center we love St. Patrick's Day.  This week in MMM our letter was S so we did St. Patrick's Day Art.  We made the color green and painted shamrocks, we made shamrocks using heart shapes, and we painted beautiful glossy rainbows. 


Materials: blue paint, yellow paint, spoon, ziploc bag, painbrush

Today I let the kids mix their own green paint using a small ziploc bag.  We just put a spoonful of blue paint, and yellow paint and then made sure the bag was closed securely.  Then I just let them move, and squish and swirl the paint until they made green.   Then they used a small paintbrush to dip in the bag and paint shamrock coloring page.  So simple, but there is something magical about mixing that paint!

Heart Shamrocks

Materials: Heart shaped cookie cutters, green stamp pads or paint, paper

I realized recently that Shamrocks are really hard for little kids to draw, but you need shamrocks to properly celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  When you look at a shamrock it is basically 3 or 4 heart shaped leaves joined together.  So I took our heart shaped cookie cutters and pressed them into the stamp pad, and then onto the paper and it makes a perfect shamrock!  The shamrock outline can then be colored in or painted. 

Glossy Rainbows

Materials: Food coloring, corn syrup, paintbrushes, large paper.

One of my favorite art activities is using corn syrup to paint.  Did you know that corn syrup is used to make magazine covers glossy?  The beautiful thing about painting with corn syrup is that it stays shiny when it dries.  So we combined corn syrup with all of the colors of the rainbow, each in its own container.  Then we painted beautiful rainbows.  Beware this can be a very sticky endeavor, but it cleans up easily with a little water! To minimize the mess let paintings dry flat overnight.

Come to our St. Patrick's Day party on Saturday March 12th from 10:00-Noon for more St. Patrick's Day fun and prizes.  See you there!

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