Monday, March 14, 2011

Mommy, Monet and Me! Letter T

Tubes, Tape & Toothbrushes, & Trees!

Join us each Monday for Mommy, Monet and Me!  Class is from 9:30-10:15 am.  We always have three different art activities.  The children can spend as much time at each activity as they would like and play with friends and toys at the end of class. 


Materials: Paper towel tubes, toilet paper tubes, tin cans, paint, white paper.

This in such a basic way to paint, but it creates a really cool effect.  Using red, yellow and blue paint allows the colors to mix and still look nice.  Try to use a variety of tube sizes.  Simply let your little one dip the tube in a little bit of paint (I put the paint on a paper plate and spread it out a little) then press the end of the tube on the paper.  Encourage the child to press the tube several times, and move it around the paper.  The more overlapping circles the better!

Tape and Toothbrushes

Materials: Painters tape or masking tape, toothbrush, watercolor paint, watercolor paper.

Children can use tape to create the first letter of their names on watercolor paper or any thick absorbent paper.  Next, dip a toothbrush in water and then in watercolor paint.   Help your child flick the toothbrush to splatter paint all over the paper.  When the paper is dry remove the tape and reveal a white letter, and splatter paint background. 

Tearing Trees

Materials: Brown paper, blue paper, tissue paper, glue sticks

Kids love to tear paper.  Give your child brown paper and let them tear the paper into strips.  The more they tear the more little branches they make.  Then help your child glue the strips down on blue paper.  Next, add spring blossoms by gluing crumpled colored tissue paper on the branches.  You could also add pieces of green to make leaves for your tree.

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