Monday, March 28, 2011

Mommy, Monet and Me! Letter U & V

Vaseline, Under, & Vinegar

I'm going to be honest...towards the end of the alphabet it gets a little tricky to think of good art activities, but these were the highlights of the last two weeks!


Materials: Vaseline, red, yellow and blue paint, q-tips, paper. 

This is one of the best art activities I have ever come up with!  I loved it, and the kids loved it.  Just take a little vaseline, put it in a small container and add a small amount of washable paint (you could also try food coloring).  Mix paint and Vaseline thoroughly.

Next, use the q-tips or fingers to apply the paint to a small piece of paper.  (I like a small piece of paper when you are working with finger or q-tips).  The Vaseline paint slides around, mixes together, and is shiny!  The best part is when the container gets knocked over the paint doesn't spill, AND the Vaseline keeps the paint from drying out so you can use it again and again!  Such a great project!


Materials: Table or chair, coloring pages, tape.

Many kids love to do things that are out of the ordinary.  Something as simple as drawing or painting underneath the table can make them giggle and feel like they are breaking all the rules!

For this activity I got some cool art coloring pages and taped them on the underside of the table.  We put comfy pillows on the floor and got out the markers and crayons, and started drawing!


Materials: Tissue paper strips, vinegar, paintbrushes, paper

This activity is much like our tissue paper painting, only this time I used strips of colored paper, and vinegar instead of water.  I like the results!

Just have your child lay strips of art tissue paper down on white paper.  Then add vinegar over each strip with a paintbrush.  The vinegar seems to pull the color out of the strips better than water.

When using tissue paper for art, you need the kind that bleeds.  So avoid overly glossy tissue paper.  It wont leach color in the same way.  We order our tissue paper from discount school supply.

Join us next Monday morning from 9:30-10:15 am for the letter W!  See you there!

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