Monday, February 7, 2011

Mommy, Monet and Me! Letter Q

 Queens (and Kings), Q-tips, and Chinese New Year Dragons

Some letters of the alphabet are definitely more difficult than others.  Q is one of them.  If anyone out there has fabulous Q art ideas send them my way.  Here are some of mine, and we also threw in dragon puppets for Chinese New Year!

Queens (and Kings)

Materials: Yellow paper, Decorations, Markers, Crayons. 

Simply cut a zig zag line down the middle of a yellow piece of paper.  When you are done you should have two crown like pieces.  I staple these two pieces together and let the little kiddos decorate however they would like.  We used sparkly jewels that we bought from discount school supply, which made the crowns seem super special.  When the crown is decorated, wrap it around your child's head to measure, then remove and staple again to make a crown!  So simple, yet so much fun.

Materials: q-tips, watercolor paints, water, paper

Q-tips are a great alternative to painting with brushes for watercolors.  The q-tips are easily manipulated by little fingers, the paint and water distribution is controlled, and the clean up is easy!  I also love that q-tip can get the last remnants of paint out of an old set of watercolors

Dragon Puppets (Chinese New Year)

Materials: Dragon Face, Paper Plate, Crayons, Markers, Scissors, Paper Strips, Paint Stick, and Hot Glue Gun

1. Color and cut out dragon face printout
2. fold paper strips back and forth to create a crinkled look, and glue to paper plate.
3. Glue dragon face on top of paper strips.
4. Attach a paint stick to the back with hot glue.

For more pictures from our class check out our flickr page.

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