Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Artists of the Week

Intermediate Artists

Jacob L.

I love having Jacob in my art class because not only is he a great kid to be around, but he is also a great artist. I see a lot of natural ability in Jacob
, I knew it when I had the students drawing three dimensional objects. Jacob chose a "Captain Jack Sparrow" compass which I thought would be rather difficult for Jacob to render as a pencil drawing because it is a polygon shape with 6 sides. Jacob showed me his drawing and I was amazed at how well he had drawn the compass, all of the sides were there and he made it look like a three-dimensional line drawing on paper! Way to go Jacob!

Jacob also has natural ability with color mixing, he knows how to mix most colors, and usually has the answers to the questions I ask the class. He ob
viously likes art and shows a real desire to learn and excel. Thank you very much for your contribution to the class Jacob, you are an awesome artist, and I am so glad I get to teach you art!

Anna B.

Anna has only been with us for a few weeks now, but I have
been amazed at how much she already knows. I gave an assignment to draw a dinosaur out of the kids' imaginations, then I asked them to take a look at some dinosaur books I had place on the table in front of them, and to draw another dinosaur using some of the things they observed in the books (not to copy the dinosaur out of the book, just use the book as reference material for drawing their own dinosaur). Anna's was an excellent example of how using reference material can help us refine what we draw even when we are making up things in our imagination. The dinosaur went from being a generic round head/round body dinosaur to one with character and shape more that of a real dinosaur. Yet her dinosaur was still one of her own creation.

Anna has a lot of natural talent, she can look at and draw anything I ask her to and her attention to little details is amazing. I am so glad to have Anna in my class! Keep on creating Anna, you are wonderful!

Junior. Artists

Ashley D.

It is so great to have Ashley in our Jr. Artists Class every Monday. Ashley always come to class with a smile on her face and a great attitude. She is smart, creative, and full of great ideas. Ashley is never afraid to try something new!

This week in class we learned about positive and negative space and studied
the paper cutouts of Henri Matisse. Inspired by the story of Icarus we created our own paper cutouts using positive and negative space. The story of Icarus is a greek myth where a young boy tries to fly, but goes to close to the sun and his wings fall apart. Ashley's art captures the emotion and drama of the story. Great job Ashley! Congratulations on being our Jr. Artist of the Week.

Below you can see Ashley's artwork and the artwork of Henri Matisse.

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