Monday, February 9, 2009

Artists of the Week

Junior Artist
Jacob R.

Jacob is such a joy to have in our J
r. Artists class. He always spends time thinking about his artwork before he begins. He is careful and deliberate, but also very creative. His natural talent shows in all his art, and overall he is a really nice kid!

I chose Jacob this week because of his great attitude and his fantastic turtle print. We made prints using styrofoam plates and paint. You can see Jacob's turtle as a sketch, and his final print. Jacob always puts in great detail and tries his best!

Intermediate Artist
Katie K.

On the very first day I had Katie in my class I knew she was special. Talented is a very good word for her, because Katie has the ability to pick up a pencil, crayon, paint, you name it and just intuitively know how to use it. She has a natural gift for art. I remember the first time I gave an assignment to draw shapes, and came over to her seat at the table. I was amazed to see her natural ability not only to draw the shapes in their three dimensional form, but to shade them and make them look real.

Katie drew the Lion’s head at the Art Safari and did an excellent job of catching the look of the lion from the side, she can sit and draw what she sees.

I am very glad I have Katie in my class and I am confident that she will excel in the things she does both in the class and outside of the class, because she h
as both natural talent and drive to do well.

Way to go Katie!

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