Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mommy, Monet and Me! Letters X, Y, and Z

X-Rays, Yarn, & Zoo

It is pretty difficult to come up with great art activities for the letters X,Y & Z!  Here are the highlights from the last 3 weeks.


Materials: Black Paper, Chalk, Real X-Ray (if you have one)

Show children a real x-ray.  Explain that x-rays show the bones inside your body.  Help children create their own x-ray by tracing their arms, legs, feet or hands on a black sheet of paper.  Next have the children use their imagination to draw what those body parts look like inside.  Its fun to see what the little ones come up with.


Materials: Yarn, Red, Yellow and Blue Paint, Folded paper, fork or spoon.

Cut several pieces of yarn about 6-12 inches long.  Fold a large piece of white paper in half.  Next dip the yarn into paint.  Use a fork or spoon to hold the yarn down while you remove it from the paint.  This ensures that the yarn is covered evenly and doesn't have too much paint.  Next place the yarn in the folded paper, holding onto the end of the yarn.  Place one hand on paper to hold the yarn down while you remove the yarn with the other hand.  When you open the paper you will have a cool string design.  Repeat over and over until the paper is full of color.


Materials: Stamp pads, animal stamps, crayons, strips of paper, glue stick.

We created fun zoo pictures using animal stamps.  Students simply stamp animals on their paper and then color in the scenery.  They can draw grass, rocks, or trees depending on what they want their zoo to look like.  Next we glued strips of paper onto our picture to create bars to make it look like a zoo.

Our next Mommy, Monet and Me class will be June 6th!

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