Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jr. Artists of the Week

Porter F.

Each week Porter seems to become more focused and creative. He is a great listener and often asks questions that surprise me. I can tell that he is interested in real art and learning real techniques, not just playing around. Over the past two weeks our class has been working with clay. Porter was meticulous in sculpting his pot. He carefully smoothed all the cracks and carefully scored and slipped his handle. It was so fun to watch him create!

Bronson A.

Bronson is one of our youngest students, but he is not afraid to try things that are new to him. He wants to be an independent artist but is also willing to learn and be taught. I love having Bronson in our class because he is full of energy and great ideas. Every week he is able to do a little more and be even more independent. His pinch pot is fantastic and I could tell he really wanted to make it perfect. He is a joy to have in our Jr. Artist class.

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