Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Artists of the Week

Junior Artists

Mason A.

I love having Mason in my class because he is always helpful and on his best behavior. He is a great example to his younger brother and is the first to help clean up. Mason is not only a nice kid and a great helper, but he does fantastic art. I can tell that he listens carefully to my instruction, and also adds his own creativity and artistic touch! Its been fun to watch him create and I'm so happy that he is part of our Jr. Artists class. Masons picture is an impressionist picture Mason drew and then sprayed with water to make it look blurry and impressionistic.

Maria G.

Maria is absolutely wonderful. She is enthusiastic and always tries her best. From the minute Maria steps into class she is ready to create
. I also appreciate how Maria is always the first to listen and immediately gets ready for our lessons. Maria has a very active imagination and loves to think of stories to put into her drawings. She is a great kid and fun to have in our Monday class. You can see some of her great art here.

Intermediate Artist

Katie A.

I chose Katie as the artist of the week for this week because of her great use of imagination in her work! Katie is rather quiet in class, but her imagination shouts loudly in the beautiful drawings and paintings she creates.

I love having Katie in my class, she is very creative and polite. I am so excited to see the great things she dreams up and puts onto paper or sculpts out of clay because she always does such a great job.

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